Crossing The Event Horizon

From the European Organization for Nuclear Research (please excuse this brief foray into the fake world of quantum science):

At CERN physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. They use the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles. The particles are made to collide together at close to the speed of light. The process gives the physicists clues about how the particles interact, and provides insights into the fundamental laws of nature.

The Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. It first started up on 10 September 2008, and remains the latest addition to CERN’s accelerator complex. The LHC consists of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way.

Inside the accelerator, two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide. The beams travel in opposite directions in separate beam pipes – two tubes kept at ultrahigh vacuum. They are guided around the accelerator ring by a strong magnetic field maintained by superconducting electromagnets. The electromagnets are built from coils of special electric cable that operates in a superconducting state, efficiently conducting electricity without resistance or loss of energy.

Just prior to collision, another type of magnet is used to “squeeze” the particles closer together to increase the chances of collisions. The particles are so tiny that the task of making them collide is akin to firing two needles 10 kilometres apart with such precision that they meet halfway.

This evokes imagery of another collision between two highly-energetic nuclei requiring incredible precision, specifically the big banging and the resulting singularity created in the womb:



These metaphorical magicians – I mean particle physicists – are trying to recreate a specific element of the big bang, namely quark-gluon plasma, believed to be the first form of matter in the universe.

A quark–gluon plasma or quark soup is a state of matter in quantum chromodynamics which is hypothesized to exist at extremely high temperature, density, or both temperature and density. It is believed that up to a few milliseconds after the Big Bang, known as the Quark Epoch, the Universe was in a quark–gluon plasma state.

On June, 2015 an international team of physicists have produced quark-gluon plasma at the Large Hadron Collider by colliding protons with lead nuclei at high energy inside the supercollider’s Compact Muon Solenoid detector. They also discovered that this new state of matter behaves like a fluid.





In the first few minutes after the Big Bang, the universe was far hotter – – billions of billions of billions of degrees hotter – – than anywhere in the universe today. This heat gave particles of matter in the early universe an extraordinary amount of energy, causing them to behave in a much different way from particles in the universe today. For example, particles moved much faster back then and collided into one another with much greater energy.











A black hole is a geometrically defined region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing – including particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light – can escape from inside it












Completed during his time at CERN, Tim Berners-Lee named the original world wide web software program Enquire, allegedly inspired by a book entitled Enquire Within Upon Everything.


So is the world wide web going to cross your event horizon and open a “portal” to another “dimension” through “CERN”? Ultimately this is the same as asking: are you going to allow these subconscious sorcerers to baffle you with fake bullshit peddled by their fake internet truth personalities?

The choice is yours with every blink of the eyes.

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  1. Greetings! Wonderful post!

    …and, relative to it, perhaps this “Inquire Within” (aka Christina Stoddard) is vastly more apt? She wrote “Trail of the Serpent” and “The Light-Bearers of Darkness” in the 1930’s:

    “The Trail of the Serpent”, first published in 1936 and republished by Kessinger Publishing, by Christina Stoddard writing under the bizarre pseudonym of “Inquire Within” is a fascinating account of the occult forces working through the secret societies to achieve world domination as traced through the meanderings of the serpent. Christina Stoddard was for some years a ruling chief of the Mother Temple of the Stella Matutina and the R.R. et A.C. At one point she became convinced that these societies were evil and subsequently wrote two books (this one and its predecessor “Light-bearers of Darkness” (1930)) unveiling their secret plans for world domination. As she explains in the foreword to this book, “Light-bearers of Darkness” was compiled largely from articles appearing in the British paper, “The Patriot”, from 1925 to 1930 while this work, “The Trail of the Serpent”, was largely compiled from articles appearing in “The Patriot” from 1930 to 1935. Stoddard was a staunch patriot and opponent of Soviet Communism; however some have argued that her writings are “anti-Semitic”. Nevertheless, she offers a useful source for understanding the occult forces which are at work through the secret societies seeking to attain control of the world. In this book, as noted in the Foreword, she traces the worship of the ancient Serpent from patriarchal times to the modern day going through the early Cabiri, through Paganism to the pseudo-Christianity of the Gnostics and Cabalists, to the Hellenized Jews. She sees this serpent worship as the “God of all initiates” and as the “sex-force” underlying the “Universal Creative Principle”. Further, she reveals how the Messianic movement among the Jews seeks to create a New Heaven and a New Earth.

    Following a brief Foreword which lays out the central notions underlying this book, the author begins with a chapter entitled “Sabeism, Eleusis, and Mithras”. The author begins by quoting the famous masonic authority General Albert Pike to show the influence of the creative force. The author quotes also from Le Chevalier Gougenot des Mousseaux arguing that Sabeism thrust its way into the early Patriarchal traditions and thus perverted the early religions. The author then traces this development through the religions of the Jews, mentioning the ancient mysteries, and the role of the pagans and the Jews. Subsequently the author examines “Dactyles, Corybantes, and Telchines”, “Mysteries of Eleusis”, “Mysteries of Egypt”, and “Mithraism” tracing the role of influence through the ancient mystery cults. The second chapter of this book is entitled “Cabalists, Gnostics, and Secret Syrian Sects”. The author begins by quoting from G.G. (Dargon) in his work _The Anatomy of Revolution_ noting the role of subversive movements. Following this the author turns to discussions of the “Cabala” (mentioning the role of the “Sephir Yetzirah” and the “Zohar”), “Cabalists and Gnostics”, the “Jewish School of Alexandria”, “Manichaeans” (mentioning their pantheism and dualism), “Ismailis” (mentioning the works of von Hammer), “House of Wisdom” (mentioning the Magi), “Assassins and Templars” (referencing such things as the Khlysty and the Teutonic Knights as well as the works of von Hammer), “Druses”, “Sufees and Dervishes”, and “Yezidis”. The third chapter of this book is entitled “Rosicrucians and Illumines”. Here, the author mentions such things as the R.R. et A.C., the Brothers of the Rosy Cross (referring to themselves as “Invisibles”) and Christian Rosenkreutz, and quotes from the work of Disraeli and several masonic writers. The author includes discussion of “Martines de Pasqually”, “Pernety”, “Saint-Martin”, “Swedenborg”, and “Templars”. The fourth chapter of this book is entitled “Weishaupt’s Illuminati and the French Revolution”. Here, the author discusses the role of the Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt and its influence on the French Revolution. The author also discusses “French Freemasonry”, “Blue Masonry”, “Rose-Croix”, “Kadosch”, “Women in Masonry”, and the “Misraim Rite”, mentioning such works as those by Fulop-Miller concerning the Jesuits and those of Eliphas Levi. The fifth chapter of this book is entitled “Carbonari, Mazzini, L’Alliance-Israelite-Universelle, and Karl Marx”. Here, the author mentions various things including the role of Carbonarism, “L’Alliance-Israelite-Universelle” (mentioning the works of Edouard Drumont and de Poncins as well as the role of the B’nai B’rith), the “Holy Vehm”, “Karl Marx” (mentioning the role of Leninism and Bolshevism as well as the Nihilists like Kropotkin, including reference to such sources as Disraeli and Rene Guenon). The sixth chapter of this book is entitled “The Jewish Question”. Here, the author explains the role of socialism for the Jews and the role of the Jews behind the Russian revolution as well as the relationship between the Jews and the Arabs. The seventh chapter of this book is entitled “Continental Freemasonry”. Here, the author explains the dubious role of freemasonry on the European continent, mentioning its role in such places as “Russia” (noting the role of Prince Metternich), “Poland”, “Hungary” (noting the role of Bela Kuhn), “Germany” (noting the role of Prussian masonry), “Spain”, “Portugal”, and including sections on the “A.M.I.” (the Association maconnique internationale), as well as “Turkey”, “Belgium”, and mentioning the pernicious influence of “The League of Nations” (the author’s discussion of the League of Nations as a masonic dream is particularly worthwhile), and the role of “Stavisky” (mentioning the Stavisky scandal). The eighth chapter of this book is entitled “Theosophy and India. Co-Masonry”. The author notes the role of the Theosophical Society of Madame Blavatsky as well as that of her successor Annie Besant and the problematic of India. The author quotes extensively from the works of Fulop-Miller (mentioning Rasputin) and Rene Guenon. The author shows the role of this society in its plans for world domination and the role of India. The ninth chapter of this book is entitled “Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy”. This chapter includes a discussion of the role of Steiner in world affairs as well as mentioning “Max Heindel” (an individual who seceded from Steiner to form his own society), and the “Panacea Society” (a bizarre organization which promised to save the world by opening a box belonging to Joanna Southcott), and “Steiner’s Community Church”. The tenth chapter of this book is entitled “Fraternity of Inner Light and Yoga”. This chapter mentions such things as the role of Dion Fortune, “Kundalini-Yoga”, the role of the Russian occultist “Ouspensky”, “Vivekananda” (mentioning the role of Hinduism and the Parliament of Religions), “Yogananda”, and “Meher Baba”. The eleventh chapter of this book is entitled “Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn”. The author mentions the sinister individual Aleister Crowley including his aliases, the role of the black mass and black magic, and his troubles with the law. The twelfth chapter of this book is entitled “American Groups” which mentions such things as the role of America in the “Inner Government of the World”. The author mentions the role of Alice Bailey, the World Teacher, and the “Silver Shirts” of William Dudley Pelley (maintaining that this group seeks to train men as psychics to achieve a “Christ Democracy”). The thirteenth chapter of this book is entitled “Secret Societies in America, Tibet, and China”. The author mentions the role of such organizations as A.M.O.R.C. in America, a “Confederation of Initiates”, “Julia Seton”, “Roerich” (and his ideas concerning Shambhala and the Himalayas), “Tibetan Initiation” (mentioning the role of Blavatsky), and “Secret Societies in China” (mentioning the Triad). The final chapter of this book is entitled “The Synarchy of Agarttha”. Here, the author mentions the role of Agarttha in the works of Saint-Yves d’Alveydre. The author relates this to Atlantis and the League of Nations and the goal of achieving a Supreme Pontiff.

    This book offers a fascinating glimpse into the occult world of secret societies plotting against the established order. While certain claims within must be taken with some caution, the author nevertheless offers a unique glimpse of the occult underground. As such, this work remains a fascinating examination.

    “In all he did, in all he taught, he kept this aim in sight:
    To get the deeds of darkness done, disguised as works of light.
    He spread his poison, slow and sure, through many a specious sect,
    And made the evil seem the good, bamboozling God’s elect.”
    – “The Coming of Lucifer”, by X.

    “Light-bearers of Darkness”, first published in 1930 and republished here by The Christian Book Club of America, by Christina Stoddard writing under the bizarre pseudonym of “Inquire Within”, is a fascinating account of the occult forces working through the secret societies and cults to achieve a World Revolution and World Domination. In this book, Inquire Within traces the occult conspiracy in its messianic mission making note of the various forms it takes under the guise of the serpent, Illuminism, and the Cabala.

    This book begins with a chapter entitled “The Overshadowing Power” where the author explains the role of the secret societies and cults in the World Revolution to achieve World Domination. The author relates quotes from the occultist Papus (real name: Dr. Gerard Encausse) and Hoene Wronski to show the work of the conspirators operating through an Invisible Center. The author further quotes from conspiracy researcher and British patriot Nesta Webster’s famous book _Secret Societies and Subversive Movements_ regarding the Cabala and Freemasonry showing their role in the conspiracy. The author also discusses the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt and the history of this order and its role in subversive activities. Further, the author discusses the role of Cabalist Jews and Freemasons mentioning their role in the French Revolution and quoting from the British paper “The Patriot”. The author also discusses the role of Grand Orient Freemasonry. The author ends this chapter with a discussion of the notorious “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which she regards as probably a forgery but nevertheless accurate on some points. The second chapter is entitled “Oriented by Jewry”. Here, the author discusses the role of Jews in the French and Russian revolutions. Following this, the author discusses the Theosophical Society founded by Madame Blavatsky. The author quotes extensively from French traditionalist Rene Guenon regarding the subversive activities of this society. The author mentions the role of Leadbeader, Krishnamurti, and Annie Besant, noting in particular the role of India. The author notes the role of the Great World Teacher, the Liberal Catholic Church (which grew out of a splinter off of the Old Catholic Church combining with Theosophy), and the Kundalini “Serpent Power” and sex force. The author shows how the goals of the Theosophical society are subversive, mentions the troublesome role of India, and explains how they plan on bringing down the British empire and all traditional civilizations. The third chapter of this book is entitled “The Anthroposophical Society”. Here, the author discusses the Anthroposophy of Rudolph Steiner who she regards to be a subversive Zionist Jew in the employ of the Soviets. The author mentions the origins of the term “Anthroposophy” in the occult work “Anthroposophia Magica” of alchemist and occultist Thomas Vaughn written in 1650. The author explains what she sees as Steiner’s subversive teachings, quoting from the writings of Eliphas Levi as well to illustrate the tendency towards Illuminism. The author shows how operating on the astral plane Steiner seeks to undermine earthly governments to achieve World Domination. The fourth chapter of this book is entitled “The Stella Matutina and the Rosae-Rubeae et Aureae Crucis”. The author explains the creation of this society after a secret manuscript was found attributed to a Fraulein Anna Sprengel living in Hanover. The author explains the role of such figures as Dr. Felkin, Dr. Wynn Westcott, MacGregor Mathers, and A. E. Waite behind this society quoting extensively from the works of Rene Guenon. The author then proceeds to discuss some of the secret rites of this society and its secret and horrific oaths. The author notes the role of Isis and Egyptian mythology in the rites of this society as well as the Kabalah. The author explains the role of this society in New Zealand as well as the encounter of Dr. Felkin with an astral Arab teacher who played a significant role in this society. The author relates this society to Gnosticism and Johannism and mentions the role of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes and Christian Rosenkreutz. The author also mentions such Gnostic cults as the Russian Khlysty as well as the conflict between Saul of Tarsus and the black magician Bar-Jesus as mentioned in the book _Brother Saul_ by Donn Byrne. The author ends by noting the influence of the Kundalini “Serpent Power” the role of Moscow in subverting all existing order. The fifth chapter of this book is entitled “Aleister Crowley” and explains the role of that vile black magician in operating against Christian civilization. The author notes his pseudonyms, the influence of the Golden Dawn and the O.T.O., his magical rites and experiments with the black mass, as well as some of the trouble he has encountered. The author next turns to the Universal Gnostic Church, quoting from Eliphas Levi and mentioning the role of Aleister Crowley. Next, the author discusses the Emperor Julian and Maximus of Ephesus. The author shows by quoting the Russian historical writer Dmitri Merejkovski how Julian was initiated by the theurgist Maximus of Ephesus and thus came to persecute Christians. The author notes the role of Russian mysticism mentioning the works of M. J. Bricaud and some of the events in Russia leading up to the revolution. The sixth chapter of this book is entitled “The Panacea Society”. The author notes the role of this bizarre society which attempted to open a special box of Joanna Southcott by twenty-four bishops to “save England”. The author next discusses the Universal Order, a pseudo-mystic group which adheres to Neo-Platonic teachings and vegetarianism. The seventh chapter of this book is entitled “American Cults”. Here, the author discusses some American cults including the Sadol movement, the Order of the Initiates of Tibet, and the Bahai movement. The author ends with a “Conclusion” in which she discusses criminology including the use of hypnosis by criminals noting its role in achieving world domination and mentioning such things as British Israelitism, Freudianism, and the sexual perversities of Rasputin.

    These books are integral and highly recommended, though you are likely all ready familiar with them?

    Best Always,


  2. Likewise Vermiis. I notice that these summaries have been copy and pasted from Amazon, however I did not think your intent was to spam so I let the comment through (and for all I know it was you who wrote the summaries in 2008). Either way thanks for the comment. I was not aware of Christina Stoddard and her pseudonym “Inquire Within” is an interesting tangent here, or at the very least a fine excuse to put these occult forces on blast at a base level once more for anyone new to this type of information.

    The “Trail of the Serpent” is indeed a fascinating subject, especially as it relates to the lore surrounding the Brotherhood of the Snake, esoteric symbolism that is not lost on me as I type these words on to a screen with a bitten apple prominently displayed below them, words which will soon be transmitted to you through the artificial medium of the “world wide web”, careening beyond the event horizon of your black holes, subsequently assimilated into the new parallel reality within which you now possess this perspective/information, a constant feedback loop (the serpent eating its tail).

    The esoteric thought-form of the serpent begins to crystalize into a coherent symbolic narrative within the context of bio-resonance. Not only with respect to “Apple” and the primordial Garden of Eden, but also as it relates to the Caduceus and the symbolic materialization of DNA and the “seething”/”slithering” nature of Fohat, or electricity. Consider this: when I take out my “cell” phone and hold it in my hands, have I not created a symbolic “holding cell”? And how do I know if my phone has a signal? Well of course I look at the number of “bars”. How interesting then that symbolically I would have “no bars” to keep me in my “holding cell” when the phone is out of the range of the EMF/wi-fi field.

    Verizon. Ver-eyes-on. The root ver is “true” or “truth”. True-eyes-on-wireless. And of course the operating system is called Android, or True-eyes-on-wireless-operating-androids. That about sums up a lucid view of any public gathering of humans these days. The corporate logo for Verizon appropriately represents this state of affairs with its slithering Z serpent and partial cube.

    NASA uses the phrase T-minus before its “launches”. And what is NASA minus a T? SATAN, of course. The adversary. But I digress. Anyways thanks again for the comment Vermiis.

  3. Hey …

    Yeah, the more time I spend focused upon and sucked into all of these irritating screens, the worse I always feel, palpably so, both physiologically as well as psychically … genuine parasitism exchanges and, extended unto collectivism, perhaps a form of vermination? Human herd hybridized interdependent and helpless ‘species’ have always defined and self-validated who and what they are, and acted in accordance with such dictates, by their externalized milieus and cultural pollution inundations, seeking affirmation and approval through connections with group movements and growth rather than individuated. Going without as opposed to within, if you will.

    I adore how all this esoteric mathematical, ‘sacred’ geometric, and, by extension, new age theology scientific guru disseminated theoretical quantum physics pollution which comprises the exoterically filtered downwards (both hierarchically and via time line illusions) constituent ritualized doctrinal and procedural fabled (or enfeebled?) “Mystery School” occultism and esoterica modus operandi of the control paradigm, while, just as with exoteric orthodox and new age theological doctrinal collectivist ritualized construct systems (and I include transhumanism, scientism, and atheism here as they certainly are applicable and functional as dogmatic control and utterly faith based ‘religions’), there’s little to nothing of any mature growth of perceptual awareness ‘learning’ that is tantamount resultant effect to or of any substantive individuated spirit motivated endeavor of exploration or creativity intrinsic to any of these aforementioned designs constructs, none in the least in my humble view. What we have here is entirely materialist and rationalism based and utterly revolves around worship of the (human) body and its basal and narcissistic physical experiences and, as such, it is also largely predicated upon and influenced by collectivism thought formed egoistic and puerile fear and insecurity based dynamics contagions, and especially so as revolving around dynamics of mortality salience/fear of physical death.

    Is it any accident that all their esoteric occultic, as well as pragmatic for the exoteric, veiled deceptive based and ulterior in motivational impetus ritual ‘sciences’ and their synthetically and materially fabricated manifest and multiplied expulsions of “as above, so below” systemic layers of binary doubles/parallels of both numerical and geometric proportional schemata and configuration and the ad nauseam repetitious occurrence and incorporation of such into all their synthetic Earther based physical constructs, as well as within their theoretical and unverifiable astronomical, cosmological, and physics based systems, all seem centered around the nucleus of such calculations and dimensions as parallel exemplified and proportionate to the mapping of the human physical? Taken a step further, and this as even more perverted when one ponders the concept of the human physical itself, in all its profundity of defects and flaws, as possibly being a product of genetic engineering and manipulation undertaken by some form of, either physical or non-physical (in the sense our limitations and liabilities of perception dictate interpretation of), ‘alien’ beings, who in turn themselves are highly flawed and possess their own significant innate liabilities and spirit and functional ‘maturity’ hang ups and defects, right?

    Do you feel much of these “as above, so below” calculation correlations, in terms of the rhymed astronomical and cosmological 180 degree sides/versions, are pure adaptation fabrication on the part of the IlluZionists (to make reference to one of their many enshrouded veneer ‘fronts’), bathing all in vibrant light in order to ‘blind’, ‘magicians’ forging “above” calculations simply to make them ‘fit’ “below” for varied ritualized and symbolic purposes?

    To use an overly facetious analogy, though the sardonic component is earnestly heartfelt, take purported cases of the morbidly withdrawn autistic fetishizing and celebrating the resultant product of the act of their defecation as a creative achievement of some sort then a literal dynamic progressing geometrically, as vectors of disease, and institutions of arts, sciences, architecture, and religions being erected as a symptomatic consequence. To be as reductionist as possible about it, ultimately we are perhaps contending with a form of mass consciousness perceptual imprisonment cult of human body worship and all its resultant thematic organizational and variational childish fear/insecurity awash narcissism and delusions of grandeur institutionalization? Ultimately, what is so fucking impressive, or even progressive, about what ‘seemingly’ surrounds us as a cumulative resultant ‘symptoms’ and by products affect of millennia upon millennia of this bullshit and what has realistically transpired as a result? Not that I feel that our perceptions and experiences and inferences drawn should, in an ultimate sense, be polarized one way or another, I am averse to such dictates of appointment and application, for that is integral to how the control grid has implemented its power over domesticated human hybridized herd species mass bodies and perception since rape and inception, through purposefully engineering layers upon layers of fake fabricated endless binaries of polarity driven oppositional sides to trap perceptual awareness within, upon one side or another, for purposes of manifold and multidimensional control and manipulation?

    Thank you, too, for the provocative insights intrinsic to your reply and for the nice analogous symbological cohered summation of the seeming (what is now) ‘prosaic’, especially the cell phone/holding cell/bars one. Brilliant and hysterical observation of yours, too, regarding the ‘T-minus’/NASA/Satan dynamic! Hah! Your blog posts are potent, affecting, and your perspectives both salient and singular.

    I am hardly any expert in occultism nor in theosophy, having never extensively studied either, so the excavation and the refinement of lateral correlation particulars and minutiae unto other cultural vomit expulsions and processes which, on the surface to the lay mass minion uninitiated or informed, seem either innocuous and/or disparate, so this is not, at this stage, a strong suit of mine, but I have other talents for lateral cross referencing and pattern recognition. I do have, for example, Manly P. Hall’s “Secret Teachings …” as well as all his audio recorded lectures as well as one of the Hulse books, “Western Mysteries …”, sitting here atop the procrastination pile (for individuated data collation processing and subsequent lateral correlations and applications) for immersions into the neurotically detailed and ‘erudite’ perspectives of the indoctrinated advocacy sages who lovingly fellate such dubious ‘wisdom’. What I like about the works, such as those of Stoddard (aka “Inquire Within”) and the one I am about to recommend, are that the data intrinsic elucidates, though fractionated and still myopic, a clearer and less deceptive genealogy than more current ‘alternative researchers’ work does as they all seem to present overarching analyses of the control grid’s origins, motivations, and modus operandi for the resultant symptomatic manifestations that have sculpted a planetary cultural/societal/political & economic/psychosocially, biologically, chemically, and electromagnetically engineered perceptual awareness ‘reality’ and its cumulative fractionated resultant disgusting ‘progress’ as shards of pernicious glass shattered and scattered across the illusion of time lines upon this synthetic incarnational role play game board we seem to occupy and they are, without question to any sensible perception, utterly controlled opposition disseminating data specific perceptions are intended to be duped and manipulated by. Your brilliant “Skeleton Key …” post illuminates such ‘seeding’ techniques and dynamics. Few discuss these possibilities. Everything, veritably, is so wretchedly polarized. Speaking for myself, I often feel as though I am looking upwards into a fraudulent artificial cosmology visual, as if I were sitting, as in a spectatorial capacity, beneath some synthetic museum planetarium show display. Hah! I think conceptual ideas of advanced tech realities, as existent in ancient civilizations as well as both exoterically and, especially, covertly in secret as so many alternative and high profile conspiracy research celebrities and pundits spew on about, are likely very grossly exaggerated and lied about to states of profundity and the absurd … the control paradigm wants us to beLIEve they possess far greater power than they actually do and they seed such conceptual messages and thought forms, as you point out, through their ‘spokesholes’.

    Another tome possessing salient and copious data, to be re-applied, re-configured, and re-contextualized, into the genealogical evolutionary path and operational procedures of this ‘planetary reality’ control grid we are now, and always have been, contending with is contained within the pseudonymously penned research culmination “The Plot Against The Church” by moniker amalgamation ‘Maurice Pinay’. All symptomatic results for exoteric consumption, just as our supposed biological and medical pernicious iatrogenesis genocidally steeped post industrial revolution ‘allopathic’ dictated ‘wisdom’ is focused primarily upon contending with, as well as evolving for ends of profit and control, dynamics of ‘symptoms’ as opposed to comprehending, addressing, or even acknowledging root causation dynamics within much any contextual framework basis at all. All exoteric ‘congenitally defective’ dead-end paradigms are as that, complete baneful deformed bullshit, by intrinsic and deceptive intent of design, erected for us to toil and enslave ourselves, bound, within, moving in circular patterns, in an oblivious Ouroboros ritualized emulation/worship of parasitic victimization expenditure …

    Very much looking forward to your 2015 end of the year summation of key ‘events’, if you are planning one for this year, that is … also, sorry about the copy and paste shit … no, I did not write those reviews, though I thought of them, as apt and concise summaries relative, could not be outdone!

    Curiously and primarily to ‘tweak his nose’, so to speak, I forwarded a link, two weeks ago, to your post here to Scott “Secrets In Plain Sight” Onstott, as I felt it interpolated the focus of a recent blog post of his wherein he was citing same CERN and LHC recently disseminated data you do in this post. He did not reply, of course, hah!

    – Vermiis

    • I am honored (and a little intimidated) to have such obviously intelligent and aware readers. Thanks for taking the time to contribute your thought-provoking ideas Vermiis, knowing you guys/gals are out there is reassuring and also provides me with a much needed kick in the ass to get writing again. Regarding a 2015 summation of staged events, well, everyone knows what they say about bad apples and the bunch, right? Unfortunately due to all of the con artists pretending to do research on youtube I am going to avoid providing the IT’S A HOAX™ crew with any more information, insofar as it might further encourage that rotting stench presently wafting its way through the ethernets.

      You will have to keep me updated on the status of your email to Scott Onstott. Like most sync-heads (I do not mean this derogatively, a lot of them have great insights), by his own admission it is clear that he has a problem with the idea of syncronicity being intentional. In Secrets in Plain Sight he is decoding a schematic blueprint of architecture that was overlayed on top of natural pockets of electromagnetic energy across the surface of the Earth. The language of this blueprint is math/numbers, which is artificial structure, which is dead and lifeless. While seemingly mind-blowing in its coordination, there is no inherent meaning that is of any true value to us. It is like walking into a house and marveling at the precision of its design and measurements without understanding that someone built that house to lock you inside of it and disconnect you from your natural state of being, all the while deluding yourself into the idea that some unconscious and benevolent syncronicity is what caused the innocent yet enlightened architects/masons to encode the measurements of the house with macrocosmic astronomical coordination.

      My intent is not to demean anyone here because this stuff is layered, so sure, on one level the LHC seems to encode the measurements of the Earth and Moon, and if you pay close enough attention to the code you can predict aspects of it like Goro does. My intent is to pose the following question: just what the fuck are we all doing here? Reading the code is not the same as transcending the code, whether it be reading it through gematria, syncromysticism, kaballah, staged events, archeo-astronomy, or whatever else, it is all a part of the same synthetic reality implanted into our awareness (read: bullshit). Jake Kotze often states that discovering syncronicity is a precursor to our collective enlightenment (to the point of implying that the 9/11 ritual was done with benevolent intent), and even went so far as to say that we should lose ourselves in the screen. Now in terms of reading the code I am just as guilty as everyone else, so I find myself asking where is this philosophy taking people, like in 30 years will the “truth movement” be downloading movies straight into their google brains looking for the latest syncs and clues, still telling everyone they are awake? Will Alex Jones be beamed into your brain warning you of the globalists? It is a difficult thing because none of us would have put all of this together without the internet, and people do need to have these things shown to them in order to start unfolding their awareness, but at the same time it’s like where is the progression? There is no life in movies or the internet and I am increasingly realizing how poisonous this thing is, though perhaps this realization is just a natural part of the path that I am only now experiencing?

      Anyways I am rambling now, this was just a light attempt at wrapping my awareness around the question you posed regarding “as above, so below”. I pretty much implied your assumption in my post on the Brotherhood of the Snake, but my views have naturally changed since then so I hope to write more about this in a future post. Take care.

    • Hey dan o…..I have been having a problem with spam so unfortunately I am in the habit of clicking “delete permanently”. I think I accidentally deleted your first comment, but it was a good quote so if it is not too much trouble go ahead and submit it again. Sorry!

      Edit: nevermind, I see that it was made on another post

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