Jonathan (Adampants) on Perceiving Dimensions

While Jonathan’s recordings are mirrored in many places, his string of posts on an obscure ATS thread have not been similarly reproduced. I have reposted some of them below so that they will more easily find those who resonate with his message.

This is going to be a difficult subject for a being confined to the 3rd dimension to understand. I am going to add a video to explain how to view the 4th dimension on youtube…same name as here….very soon, okay? I am being taught by a consciousness higher than the 3rd dimension. Otherwise, I would never be able to grasp this. They are literally SHOWING me….then I do my best to explain it. Most of you can look up the current explanations of tetraspace and hear about a terraset. Well, if you are like MOST people, it seems interesting, but you really just sit there and assume the person talking is correct. Why? You can’t see it. I don’t want to repeat what you can read somewhere else in this post. If you have no knowledge…start here and then come back after this video, okay?

Now, if you understand the “apple” example, then you understand that if you were to shine, say, a flashlight onto the 2nd dimensional surface…the 2nd dimensional being would see the light, but could NOT see the SOURCE of it. We have holograms in our world yes….but 4th dimensional beings do as well. If you project a movie onto a movie screen, you see a 2nd dimensional image. Shadows and light reflection are the REAL 2nd dimension. If you draw an image on “paper” that is still 3rd dimension…even if it is a very thin raise off of the paper. But shadows and light reflection ARE 2nd dimension. You may see a “movie” and your “brain” may interpret it as a 3rd dimensional scene….assuming depth even though you see no depth…because of your “experience”. If you shine 3rd dimensional light onto a 3rd dimensional surface…but a 2nd dimensional plane…you get a 2nd dimensional reflection. If you shine that same light onto a 3rd dimensional object….like a tree….it is individual 2nd dimensional reflections….but on a 3rd dimensional object….so the variance in depth of the object makes you see the variance in reflection. Your brain puts them ALL together to make a 3rd dimension “interpretation”. HOWEVER….if you shine a 4th dimensional light onto a 3rd dimensional plane that is flat (2nd dimensional)… get a 3rd dimensional reflection. If you see what you think is a “ghost”….it is a shadow of a 4th dimensional being. It’s shadow is 3D to YOU. If a 4D being wanted to shine a 4D “movie” onto the 3rd dimension… would see a 3D scene. What you don’t understand is that there is SPACE where you can’t perceive space. For example….9/11.. …you think the hologram was A) generated from the 3rd dimension…nope….and you think it was empty space and that there was NOTHING to shine it ON….nope. What you saw on 9/11 was NO different than what you see in a movie theatre…no difference. ONLY…it was movie generated and projected from the 4th dimension ONTO the 3rd dimension. So, you saw a 3rd dimensional scene reflecting off of a plane you can NOT perceive as a 3rd dimensional being. Well, you can, but are not. I have SEEN the reflections of the 4th dimension. When you train your brain, you can BEND this reality. is ALREADY bent…and folded. The 4th dimension USES the 3rd dimension to make itself up, much like the 3rd dimension uses the 2nd dimension for itself…and so on.

You are confusing “3rd dimensional” holograms with 4th dimensional holograms. Here they are “holograms”…. from there…they are just projections. For example…if you were a 2nd dimensional being and existed in the plane of the “movie screen”…you would experience the images and “move around them”…but could NOT SEE the projector or WHERE it is coming from. It is being projected from OUTSIDE your plane of existence. Same thing here. MANY and I mean MANY holograms are used on you DAILY…but they are NOT 3rd dimensionally generated holograms. LASERS COME from the understanding OF the 4th dimension. If you look at a laser dot on a wall, you can perceive DEPTH in that dot. Basically…..4D onto 2D gives you 3D..

Make sense so far? First of all, you just have to “experience” the reflections and projections of the 4th dimension to understand what I am talking about. If you argue with me, that is only because you are arguing with information from INSIDE the 3 dimensional BOX. Stop looking at holograms like this from a 3D physics perspective. Those holograms are just like the poor man’s copy of 4D projections….you see?

With 3D holograms, you project light onto something. Remember the “tree” example? They are ALL 2 dimensional planes…but at different depths….your brain puts ALL of their INDIVIDUAL reflections (they being leaves, branches, etc.) at their different depths from you TOGETHER. Well…..3D holograms just mimic this by creating WAVEFORMS that TRICK your brain into perceiving DEPTH..interference patterns. However, 4D projections are different. If you shine a flashlight onto a wall, you see the “circle”…the 2D reflection, right? You shine 3D light onto the wall and get a 2D reflection. However, if you shine a 4D light onto the 3rd dimension, you do not get a circle. What do you get? Yup….a SPHERE. This would explain people seeing “orbs” and such. “Orbs” are no different than a flashlight on a wall. It is just that you can not perceive the plane REFLECTING that light BECAUSE you exist INSIDE that very plane. However, you see the light…you can’t see the source. When you SEE this with your OWN eyes….you will start to understand. No 3rd dimensional “critical thinking” will touch it…and it is quite humorous. No “physics” book can show you. It can possibly describe it, like I am here, but it can’t SHOW you. Because the projections are 3D, they look quite real. In fact, yes, you can project a “movie” of a “body” or “person” in this reality and you will ONLY see the reflection…or “the body”. It will seem quite real if coming from the 4th dimension. You are seeing FAKE people, especially on “tv” ALL OF THE TIME. When you can learn to “change” your perception, you can LITERALLY see THROUGH the hologram and SEE what it is covering up……yup…….NON humans. They create a magnetic field AROUND their body and shine a MOVIE of a human ONTO the surface of their body and OF COURSE it will cover from EVERY angle. Your mind is being TRICKED and Hypnotized into seeing humans. In truth, their “body” is a 3D “movie screen”. You are looking at the “movie” and NOT the “screen”…..THEM. Try looking at the silver of a “mirror” once. Why do you think it is silver? You’ll see…try LOOKING at IT and NOT the reflection. When you can discipline your mind to do THAT, THEN and ONLY then, will you know what I am talking about. You must learn to look THROUGH the 4th dimensionally projected MOVIE onto these beings’ bodies and SEE the BEING. When you do…, you are gonna flip out. They are RIGHT THERE….right in FRONT of your FACE. Not ONLY can they project a “movie”, but they can project “other energy” patterns to simulate “texture” and “tactile” existence….heat, texture….a “copy” of a human body. People, it is JUST interference patterns. It is ELECTROMAGNETIC….your nervous system IS electromagnetic. Why do you think an eeg, ecg, or myogram WORKS? Every time a neuron depolarizes that is an electromagnetic emittance. In this case…..structure AND waveform are one in the same. Again, this is something you have to SEE to know. When you do, try to remain calm. THIS is how they have been controlling the world. They are ALSO psychic and KNOW if you see them, lol. Trust me. I “dated” one of them.

To know the truth, you must be able to handle the “ego deflation”. If you want to continue to “believe” you are “smart”, fine, go ahead. No one is stopping you. But, if you are TRULY concerned about THIS topic, then you must be able to expand outside of “science created” belief systems. Your “science” is a FRAUD and they KNOW IT. It works well enough to cover 3D…but NOT reality as a whole…which was the POINT…to preoccupy the 3D mind.

The difference between “3D” created “holograms” and what you saw on 9/11 is just that. It was NOT a “3D” hologram. It was NOT a hologram AT ALL. You PERCEIVE it as a “hologram”. HoloGRAM. Holograms are mimics of 4D projections. What you saw on 9/11 was a REAL 4D projection. You see? Very REAL looking isn’t it. Well, it should be.

Your very BODY is a PROJECTION into this reality. You look the way you think you look HERE because that is the nature of THIS plane. However, it is NOT you. Fear will play a huge role here. Most will NOT want to see for themselves. They would rather “argue” and “debate” about it…without having to take that step. This is human nature. Most people ‘argue’ and ‘debate’ about serious issues that they would never have the balls to take a REAL stance on….same thing here. I am not saying YOU people. I am talking about “society”. There are those that would WANT to see, even if it frightens them. I can tell you that it is only scary at first. The beings showing me take steps. Much like you can fold a piece of paper, they can FOLD this REALITY. Crazy stuff man, you just have to see it for yourself. I will look at my hand and they will fold it. Or SHOW me the HIDDEN “depth” or “space” IN my hand that I could not SEE before. Kind of like walking into a closet and then changing your perception to interact with a GIANT world WITHIN that closet.

Cover your right eye and hold your left hand in front of your left eye. Now “rotate” it…so you see your palm, then the back of your hand. As a 2nd dimensional being….though you have to be able to discipline your mind here….your brain is “wired” to “assume” 3D….would NOT understand what it saw. Much like a baby has 2nd dimensional perspective….this is why PEEK-A-BOO works. It can NOT comprehend where your face went when you covered it….or, can’t comprehend DEPTH. Get it? Well, from THAT perspective, if you start rotating your hand in front of your face….the only way you could perceive that would be as “SHAPESHIFTING”. Why? You can’t perceive that “Depth”…or additional “dimension” for it to rotate. Similarly, align your hand so that it is at a perpendicular angel to the direction you are looking…at IT. Now you see your thumb and forefinger. Okay. Imagine being a 2nd dimensional being. THAT would be the body. Now…if you suddenly LOWERED one finger, you would see a NEW finger……or “shapeshifting”. The true being in front of you…the “hand” is ALL of that. However, from YOUR perspective as a 2nd dimensional being, you only see THAT angle…no DEPTH. To suddenly show you a different finger would freak you out! You would suddenly “debate” about how that violates “thermodynamics” lol. Nope, it is just that you couldn’t perceive any ROOM or SPACE for the other fingers to hide.

Well, same thing here. The “Reptilians” are NOT just the “human” form. But, in THIS plane, you can’t perceive anywhere for the REST of them to “hide”. When they “move” through this dimension, they can suddenly appear to “shapeshift”. Nope…..just like lowering a finger to a 2nd dimensional being.

Reptilians and Demons are the SAME thing. Whatever you want to call them. They are REAL. When you learn to see them, you will know. It isn’t that they aren’t there, it is that you are not LOOKING. They ARE there. To those who can not see it, you are like fish in a barrel. They direct ACCESS to any 3D coordinate. For example, on an X and Y plot graph….as a 3D being you can just find the coordinate and reach down and plot that coordinate, right? You do not have to follow a 2D path. Similarly, look at one of those “maze” puzzles on paper. To play, you are simulating yourself as a 2nd dimensional being. If you play as a 3rd dimensional being there is nothing to play….just reach down and mark an X where it says “finish”. Get it? As a 3rd dimensional being, you have an additional option of “Travel”. Much like a car can only move forwards, backwards, left, and right……well if you are a plane, you can ALSO do those things, BUT…you can go UP and DOWN as well. It is an additional OPTION…that is all. You could bend the 2nd dimensional plane, but a CAR would still have to follow the road, get it? The “length” of that road would still be the same….slight distortion. A plane as additional options to get from A to B…..or take the direct path. Well, what APPEARS to be the “direct path” to a 3rd dimensional being is NOT the direct path to a 4th dimensional being.

When you see galaxies far away…that is because you are perceiving the most direct path from a 3D perspective. However, it is folded to a 4D being. It can, in many cases, just “skip the maze”, get it? I know….hard to imagine. You are in a 3D “PLANE”. It will REMAIN that plane no matter how it is altered from outside of itself. If you tie two ends of a string together, you can make a loop. You could also put your fingers in it and stretch them out so that the “loop” is VERY narrow. If you resided IN that string and say there is a “barrier” between the knot…..and your friend was on the other side of that knot… GET TO YOUR FRIEND you would have to travel all the way around the string. It does NOT matter HOW you “shape” the loop of the string. If you are being INSIDE of that string, you still must travel its path…it will stay the same length regardless and you will not perceive HOW it is bent anyway.

If something suddenly shows you an additional “option” of travel….you could rise up OFF of the string and land back down on the other side of the knot and your friend would call it MAGIC.

Well I have traveled a bit “perceptually” in the 4th dimension. For example…if you are playing a video game of “racing a car”….if you hit a straight path of road, you are not going to move Left or Right…correct? So the scenery changes, but the car appears still. It is only perspective. If you move forward, you are NOT required to move left or right, are you? Even in real life. Well, if you are only assessing someone’s “left or right” movement and they are only moving forward, they would appear STILL to you. For example….driving on a highway. When you become acclimated to the forward movement, you are paying attention to left or right movement. A car in front of you is moving too, but if it is the same speed…it appears motionless, right? Well…what if you decide to “perceptually” travel in one of the other options afforded in the 4th dimension. You could sit STILL on your chair and not move left, right, backwards, forwards, up, or down. To one who is only assessing 3D movement, you appear still. Why? Your movement is outside of their perception. If you “perceptually” travel into the 4th dimension…say to see a beings OTHER bodies…you can appear to be still. But, you doing the same thing as traveling along the path of your hand….”the hiding fingers” and going through it to reveal the fingers behind the one in front. This is the basis for “computed tomography”. Without the scientists understanding the 4th dimension, they could NOT have made that device…..same with LASERS. They could NOT have made lasers without interaction with 4D beings…period. They would NEVER have looked outside their plane. The “demons” showed scientists this technology.

Anyway, you can sit STILL and travel though the bodies of these beings.

They can BEND the 3rd dimension like you change the shape of the tied string. Unless you perceive OUTSIDE the box, you will NOT know it happened. So, beings have shown me. See, for example…4th dimensional beings are just like fish in a barrel to 5th dimensional beings. Humans would NOT have started to become informed of what was occurring here if higher dimensional beings did not come and show us….ones that are NOT trying to take control. For me, they have shown me how to perceive and have bent my reality. It is kind of cool when you get over the “fear” part….

For example…I will change my perception and they will BEND my hand. It really isn’t bending on the 3D plane, but from a 4D IS. Then, they show me the additional “depth”…the “space”…..”room to hide” within something like my own hand. I can’t explain it…….hyper3D? It expands and I see the “space between”. Funny, I read a lot of dave matthews lyrics…..some of the stuff he says really shows he has seen some of this. I know that “Satanists” do…but they will NEVER tell. That is the difference. The “Illuminati” KNOWS this stuff. They can travel with “additional options”.

The other beings here, which you can’t “see” because they are not on YOUR plane are breaking down the control. They are here, but you can’t perceive them. The Demons have trouble because THEY can’t perceive them either. It is THIS group of beings protecting me. As the “demons” try to stop me….the higher beings stop them in ways that the DEMONS can’t understand. They are not trying to “hurt” demons…just correct the cancerous energy to make them WANT to take advantage of us. Because, humans are just as insanely violent to other animals here…these beings observe this. In there eyes, it is not about which “group” is right…it is about WHAT is right. If you choose to see your own insanity…they will help you. They understand that a lot of evil human nature is induced by demons on a different plane we can’t see, so they are going to stop the PROBLEM that makes both the demons and humans and any other out of balance life form do this. Basically, this is cancer on a larger scale. THIS is why the illusion is going to be shown. This is what they mean by pulling you up to a higher dimension. But they will NOT do that, if you have a cancerous energy yourself. Why? You will see how EASY it would be to prey on lower dimensional beings and could not be trusted. It will be what is in your heart that will be assessed. Can you resist YOURSELF. Then, if you can, you will be helped to heal to a point that will get rid of the need to “resist” anything. Mostly what you are resisting is the influence of demons. If you can resist them here, you should be quite viable at a higher dimension without their influence. Get it? Then you will be removed.

I hope this helps.

– Adampants2007


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    • I’m guessing your question was prompted by the fact that there is no email listed anywhere on the blog. I’ve chosen to do it like this for a variety of reasons, though it’s mainly just a way for me to keep my distance from conspiracy culture and the internet in general. Honestly you will get the same response from me here that you would get in a private email, but I can see that you value privacy based on your name/email and IP (surely a VPN?). Anyway it would be great if you could find a way to explain a little bit here first about why you want to contact me, which is another way of saying that assuming there is some discernable genuine intent behind the words, I’m not opposed to email communication with you or anyone else (I just don’t want to have it widely available for all the trolls).

  1. That money question someone asked above. This is where I am. If I don’t earn money, then I will be living off someone else, essentially using their money. So I have to live without money or earn my own. It doesn’t seem possible to live without money in this world. Yet to earn money one has to participate in a system of exploitation. I really can’t even live freely without money, like I can’t eat healthy, can’t help other people, can’t enjoy life from what I can tell, without money. Any ideas to escape this paradox?

    • Ah yes, the money paradox. I’m grappling with the same questions on a daily basis, and unfortunately I’ve yet to find my way to the metaphorical escape hatch as it were. As fate would have it I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately, so much so that I might do an audio on it sometime soon. I’ll probably read your comment or mention it if that’s cool with you.

  2. I’ve seen some of Jonathan’s work (after the fact) and of course it’s very interesting but I have to admit I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to him? Did he remove all his own work and just dissapear? Anyhow with that I stumbled on an old thread at the David Icke Forums called “What really happened to Adampants” and it was bizarre to say the least.

    The strange thing was near everyone was praising his work apart from one individual by the name of novymir. A few people thought it might have been Jonathan himself though I can’t give any credence to that. But after that accusation and towards the end of the thread this persons mind just seemed to completely unravel. Maybe someone trying to make him look bad, maybe just a crazy person but still very strange indeed.

    • Hey Sue. I’m sure at some point everyone that listens to his recordings after the fact wonders what happened to him, myself included. It’s hard to speak for someone that isn’t around to speak for themselves, so obviously all we can do is speculate. For what it’s worth he did mention a few times that he wasn’t going to stay on the internet very long (I would imagine that this was towards the end, but to your point I don’t even know the original order of the uploads). In the “Knowledge” recording you can tell that he was somewhat frustrated by the demands and questions he was receiving, and given the paradigm shattering information he was introducing, I can only imagine the flood of requests that he was subjected to on a daily basis (not to mention the sock puppet trolling that he probably dealt with on youtube, which wasn’t outed as a tactic 10 years ago like it is today). It’s frustrating at times to be so far beyond where the majority of people are at, and it requires extreme patience and empathy to stay committed to those who would just as soon crucify you in spite of your attempts to help them.

      Additionally I think that there are enough clues to deduce that he might have eventually come to the realization that people were starting to rely on him way too much as a source for the answer to every question, which of course was the opposite of the intended effect, i.e. obviously his recordings were instructions designed to teach people how to find answers for themselves. While he wanted to help, he did say that he wasn’t going to carry the whole weight of the world on his shoulders, and in conjunction with the above maybe that’s what being on youtube started to feel like for him. I don’t know though, your guess is as good as mine. Based on my own experience with youtube, it’s not hard for me to imagine him deciding to close down his channel due to the internet’s inherent toxicity (I already did this once myself briefly, LOL), though of course on the flipside it’s always possible that he was killed. I tend to doubt that’s what really happened, but I suppose there’s no way for us to know for sure unless he comes back to the internet at some point. It would be fantastic to see that happen insofar as it would be very beneficial to hear him reflect on what he said a decade ago, but at the same time he already did enough.

      I read the David Icke thread that you referred to a while back and I think you concisely encapsulated what transpired there. Regarding novymir, if I recall correctly he was critical of Jonathan in the sense that his recordings were a waste of time and even psychologically dangerous, especially as it related to his discussion of the all-seeing eye and demons/entities (I think novymir also mentioned that Jonathan supposedly titled the next phase “my tribulation” before deleting his channel, and also stated that he had additional recordings on some other platform, though I find it hard to believe that the people following him at the time wouldn’t have saved those also). Anyways the reason I added “Like Treats Like” at the end of this post was to contrast it with the written information, in the sense that Jonathan himself had started to come to the realization that some of his perceived “demons” might have been his mind’s own creation. In other words I understand the above criticism in this context, but I think it’s pretty undeniable at this point that our minds/thoughts are constantly being subjected to the influence of an advanced or “higher scale” intelligence.

      I could ramble on and on but I’ll leave it there in lieu of forcing you to read an essay, but thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  3. Thank you for the reply. I saw elsewhere it said that he’s still around but using a voice distorter and talking more on psychology/sociology but who knows. Wouldn’t surprise me if he just got fed up of it all. Because it happens all the time people not only heavily relying on others for this kind of info but also acting entitled. It’s almost parasitic if that’s not too strong an image, they seem to attach themselves to someone and they need to be fed constantly. Let them go hungry and they will start to get antsy. The ironic thing is they have the audacity to look down on those who get their info from the mainstream and call them “sheep” but they’re just as easily led and have fallen into the same trap of being herded.

    Having said that it’s an easy trap to fall into and has almost certainly been bred into us since birth. To follow the trends, to give your power and energy away to something else. Now that’s not to say you can’t rely on people for certain things but when you’re totally dependent on something it’s almost never good for you. If you can learn from it, apply it in someway or build on it then great. But too many fall into a comfort zone of just pure consumption and don’t develop any further and stagnate.

    Even myself being aware of this I still somewhat have a fear of jumping into the unknown. Whatever that may be, even simple things like fixing a computer your first instinct is to have someone else do it. This happened to me when my computer fan burnt out, I was seeking someone else to do it because I didn’t know how and was scared about making a mistake. And I hope at this point this is all still relevant and not just rambling but I changed the fan myself and in doing so learned a whole lot more about computers that well exceeded just a simple changing of a fan. There’s almost a ripple effect when you jump into the unknown and try to do things yourself, I find now you learn way more then you ever intended.

    • Wise words!

      Your computer fan story couldn’t me more relevant here, insofar as Jonathan really stressed the idea of re-evaluating seemingly mundane events in our lives, the idea being that through pattern recognition lessons could be drawn from these events and applied to our current situation. Maybe you remember the exam or lunch ticket stories he told where he used the lessons drawn from those events to better understand the nature of time and how to simultaneously deal with the overwhelming nature of the truth about what is occurring to us on this planet. The intelligence that created us has always been walking alongside us, leaving metaphorical nuggets of gold along the path. We were just too mind controlled to see them shining on the ground. And of course we all have our own unique paths, so the lessons will be similar, but not the same. Thanks for sharing a lesson from yours.

  4. Just going to chip in, as someone that was around in the days of his channel, that there was indeed a small handful of strange/bizarre videos that went up in the days before he closed the channel down. Sadly I never thought to save them, and my memory of them is very vague. But the mentioned “My Tribulation” was one of them, and another I’ve seen elsewhere since is one where he’s raging off his head about pedophilia in a magazine cover of some kind.

    I was very influenced by Jonathan back in the day, but retrospectively it’s very hard to know what to make of him. On the one hand there may have been something to it; on the other hand the things he said look a *lot* like the kinds of things you get from people with Schizophrenia. At the bare minimum, especially judging by those final few videos where he seemed to kind of lose the plot, he clearly was struggling with whatever was going on for him, and wasn’t in a balanced state at the time…

    It’s just a shame we haven’t been able to find out what became of him afterwards to get some closure. I think may of us were deeply influenced by his videos, and though he might have argued that he didn’t owe us anything, I tend to differ in thinking that we *are* responsible for the influence we have on people with our words and actions… and that it would have been nice of him to say something eventually, if he’s still around. He created a lot of hope in people that was never satisfied, I suspect.

    Interestingly too, he’s not the only individual of his “type” I’ve encountered. is quite similar, and is someone who watched Jonathan’s stuff, and is another who had a big influence on me personally. Will probably be of interest to anyone coming through here.

    I guess this is the thing the ultimately – second hand answers from others are always open to question. You only really have yourself to rely on in the end.

    • Hey Daniel, thanks so much for chipping in. I’ve always wanted to talk to someone who was around when Jonathan was posting his videos. Do you by any chance have a link to the video about pedophilia and the magazine cover? I’m assuming “seen elsewhere since” implied that you listened to it somewhere after his channel was shut down. I’ve never come across it myself so I’m guessing it vanished at some point, but I figured I would ask anyway.

      Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.

      • Hey, you’re welcome :).

        Sadly I lost track of it – was a few years ago that I encountered it, on one of the non-youtube video hosting sites, and haven’t been able to re-find it since. It was either linked in one of the forum threads about what happened to Jonathan (possibly the one on the Icke forums), or the name of it was referenced, and I’d found it by googling. I remember trying to find it again a year or two ago, and coming up short.

        Another possibility is that it was mentioned in some private conversations I had with Novymir around that time, but I need to figure out the details for the account I had on that site to go have a look. If it doesn’t skip my mind I’ll look into it in the coming days and try to find it.

  5. Well this is an interesting development. If what you say is true Daniel then I would be more inclined to believe that novymir was Jonathan, though I guess we can’t say for sure. But with that said they also seemed to exhibit signs of schizophrenia, don’t think it’s necessary to go into too much depth with that here as it’s there for all to see who are so inclined. Not to mention perhaps a little graphic and unnerving.

    For some reason all this talk is reminding me of Darren Aronofsky’s debut film Pi. Perhaps some parallels there? Perhaps not and a bit of a reach? Just came to mind is all and ties in somewhat with what Calcy (can I call you that?) was previously saying with pattern recognition. A very interesting film nonetheless.

    • Haha, you can call me whatever you want Sue. Some people just use CL for short, though my actual name is Steve if that helps. With all this talk about the old david icke thread I went to go read novymir’s posts again, but for whatever reason almost the entire forum is now private. Strange.

      I spent the past week listening to all of the videos from one of the channels that Daniel linked to, “thewrongdossier”. In one of his comments thewrongdossier told Walley666 (Daniel I assume) that he talked to adampants on Stickam (no longer exists) around 2012. I suspect this is the source of the rumors surrounding adampants hanging out in psychology/sociology forums after he shut his channel down, and Dossier went on to say: “he is actually not a very nice guy. he is one of the types who loves hearing himself talk and thinks he knows everything. hahaha, he is smart though obviously”. In another comment Dossier tells someone “not to trust adampants on everything”, and he gives his reason in one of his later videos, going on to state that he believed Jonathan was under mind control at certain points during his recordings. Dossier’s reasoning was that Jonathan used “satanic” football and cancer metaphors, which he “never resonated with”. Unfortunately I couldn’t read novymir’s posts to refresh my memory, however from what I remember a lot of this language mirrors what novymir was saying on the forum, especially the first quote.

      Using the rhetoric he used, in another video Dossier states “that which intends against us” is so sophisticated that it would speak through him without his knowledge, so this is the premise he was using regarding not trusting everything that Jonathan said. The examples Dossier gave to illustrate this point were strange to say the least. To your point about pattern recognition, the idea was to take lessons from your own experience, so obviously an American doctor that played sports might use those experiences to craft metaphors involving football/basketball and cancer. A better example might surround the fact that Jonathan reinforced the heliocentric model of the universe at various times, which is by no means a settled truth regarding the nature of our planet.

      We are all subject to the influence of this intelligence, so I don’t mean to imply that Dossier is wrong in suggesting that some of his thoughts might not have been his own, however it seems to miss the overall message of the recordings entirely. In another one of his recordings Dossier fumbles through the metaphor where Jonathan was talking about how, because there is so much information flowing through his stream of consciousness, he would need the equivalent of 500 mouths to explain everything that was going on in his awareness to someone operating on a lower “bandwith”. In addition to all the other comments this discussion forced me to conclude that Dossier didn’t listen to the recordings very closely/often, and in the context of what we are talking about I think that’s an important consideration when someone is throwing around words like schizophrenic in reference to adampants. While I have a general idea what you mean, Walley (or Sue) I think it would be helpful if you could provide specific examples of what you perceive as his schizophrenic-like behavior. Jonathan even addressed this a couple times, which I think made sense, insofar as obviously this intelligence would create aspects of psychology designed to label truth as “crazy”, especially as it related to neurolinguistic programming and subconscious communication.

      My intention in saying all of this is not to defend Jonathan, rather it’s only to point out that whatever you think of his talks it’s obvious to me that he was coming from an honest and genuine place. The reason his recordings are so powerful and influential is not the words or rhetoric, it’s the intention and energy that he is transmitting through them. It makes no sense to me that he would put that intention out there, take his videos down, and then come back on the internet as “novymir” or with a voice morpher on some other channel to discredit his own work, but of course just because it doesn’t make sense to me doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen in some form. Based on what he said it seems just as likely to me that thewrongdossier was novymir. In any event to Walley’s point I can definitely see how he would view thewrongdossier as another example of that “type” of personality.

      Was Jonathan schizophrenic or “crazy”? Well I’ve personally experienced/verified a lot of what he was talking about, and I wouldn’t consider myself schizophrenic (though maybe other people do), however there is some stuff that is way out there that I haven’t experienced, I mean shit in the post from ATS above he is essentially describing a version of the movie “They Live”. I think this is what Walley was getting at, i.e. there is no way to verify whether some of these experiences were self-created delusions or actual psychic/physical events, though in Jonathan’s case he did give pretty clear instructions on how to perceive a lot of what he was perceiving. In this connection a lot of the concepts in Jonathan’s videos require personal sacrifice and giving up addictions, and it’s certainly not an easy road to walk in this world. I think it might be easier to label him a schizophrenic than endure the responsibility of making and sticking to the necessary changes, or at least that’s how I feel sometimes.

      Anyways again it’s hard to speak for someone who isn’t around to speak for themselves. Maybe he never anticipated his videos being mirrored, but to Walley’s point above if he’s still around and saw that I think he probably should have come back on youtube to give people some closure. A lot of the material has serious implications and turns your life upside down, or at least that’s what it did to mine. In the window of linear time when Jonathan made the videos he had quit his medical practice to spend a lot of time in nature and travel around speaking to different people in person. Obviously that it is a difficult state of being to maintain in this society, especially when that time capsule of awareness is being assimilated by people still stuck in this system. Maybe we will experience a “spontaneous remission” of the “cancer” in the future, however we all have to survive long enough to get to that point of critical mass, so sure assuming Jonathan is still around I have to agree with Walley that he should have explained how he integrated his experiences and teachings into his practical life after the fact.

      Thanks for the thought-provoking comments.

      • Hey.

        The schizophrenia thing is more something I started to consider when I was studying psychology a few years back, and started to get into a lot of stuff on schizophrenia. It’s common for schizophrenia to have various spiritual themes, the person considering themselves a martyr, or that they have communion with God or spiritual beings, so on and so forth. It varies by individual basis, but at least in principle I could see how Jonathan could hypothetically fit the pattern. Granted that on the flipside, he seemed more rationally “grounded” than your average schizophrenic does, so it’s not a one to one fit.

        But it’s more something I throw out there as a possibility – I never knew Jonathan personally, so I can only guess, and I don’t know his internal experiences either. I do know though that I used to try many of the things he’d suggest, such as the communication with life/nature/animals stuff, and despite sincere intent got barely any results over the years. So whatever he was experiencing (and I tend to think he did experience the stuff he spoke about), I’m not convinced it was necessarily some objective phenomena readily available to the rest of us. It seems he may have been more open to this stuff than the rest of us on a fundamental level, but that does of course raise questions about how grounded in “reality” what he experienced really was.

        I never really had much luck convincing myself that all the words he was seeing in images and movies were for real either. Sometimes I could see them, often I couldn’t, and usually only a small proportion of the ones he was illustrating. Just as often I’d see other words there, totally different to the ones he was showing. Made it look to me like it’s just the mind arbitrarily filling in the blanks and connecting the dots.

        I think part of the trouble with these things, is that the human mind is pretty malleable… you can experience a lot of out there stuff, most simply proved by taking things like LSD or DMT, but how do you ever confirm that any of it is objectively true? I’ve had my own strange little experiences in isolated cases, even once with the “communication with nature” thing, where it felt like something happened… but it was so isolated, so subjective, and quite plausibly a case where my desire for it to be true created a scenario where my mind “played it out”, that I just can’t use those things as concrete proof.

        I know too well from my own experiences/understanding of myself that the belief systems we have in our mind can shape our perceptions in very real ways, to the point that we can have certain feelings/instincts/perceptions as a *result* of our beliefs, rather than as independent occurrences of their own.

        As for whether Jonathan and Novymir were the same person, or thewrongdossier, I’m not sold on that idea. I had some extended private conversations with Novymir via private message, where he told me a lot about his personal history and so on, without any indication that he was either of those two.

      • Ultimately though the thing is, on whether to believe or disbelieve Jonathan… that it’s in a way irrelevant. We speculate about it because it’s a mystery, it’s intriguing, but even if what he said was true, or if it’s not, the only way to ever know would be to have the same experiences for yourself, and from that be able to draw your own conclusions.

        If such insights into “life” are out there (or “in there”), they can never be truly known/verified by someone outside yourself. That’s the hard conclusion I had to reach after all the time I spent looking for such things. And even further for me, I’ve had to long ago mostly just give up on wanting to find them at all… because I think such things hit people at random. All the people I’ve known, with out there experiences like Jonathan or the others (another person that comes to mind on these topics is U.G. Krishnamurti – pretty different kind of thing, but instructional I think)… this stuff seemed to hit them in an unexpected, unpredictable, and *un-reproducible* manner.

  6. Just for the record I wasn’t trying to imply Jonathan or his work was schizophrenic as such. Only that if it was true about those last few videos I could see it being more true why people would believe he was novymir. I’m not saying that’s the case at all but some did already did think it was Jonathan, their reasoning was his posting style was very similar and he spoke like he knew his exact motivations. Like I previously stated it could have been someone trying to make him look bad or maybe they just had an axe to grind. All I can for sure is that it was strange.

    Odd how like you mentioned the DI Forums are mostly private now. But that thread in summary was like you mentioned previously – novymir talking down Jonathan’s work and even saying it was psychologically dangerous. And I must be clear my saying they “exhibited signs of schizophrenia” was not meant as a put down to them but largely based on their own admissions. Especially on page 6, they were very forthcoming about their dark thoughts and urges and admitted to “going to jail but not prison” because of this and spending time in outpatient treatment in the early 90’s. They also described what I can only assume was vivid hallucinations they have had which was a little unnerving and posted pictures of esoteric graffiti outside their house and their neighbors gargoyle which I think they found sinister and thought that “God had knocked over.”

    Those pictures can be found here –

    Also it’s dawning on me now that I’ve perhaps opened up a can of worms which wasn’t so necessary to do and perhaps gone some ways in sullying Jonathan and his work. Not to mention distract from the point of your initial post. Was not my intention and I apologize if you don’t appreciate all this too much CL. Inquisitive mind getting the better of me I’m not sure but again sorry. Regardless of all this hoopla I still think Jonathan had a lot of interesting thoughts that can be learned from.

  7. No worries Sue, I think this is a healthy discussion to have. It’s just the nature of communicating with this stupid language of word magick where “schizophrenia” carries such negative connotations and imagery with it. Bringing up the word itself in relation to anyone produces this effect regardless of the intent. As it related to Jonathan the question about schizophrenia was primarily for Daniel (if he ever comes back) since he originally posed the idea. I knew what you meant when you applied it to novymir in the context of Jonathan’s alleged last videos, and I know you were just reporting what you saw go down. I just took my response to your comment as an opportunity to also further elaborate on my response to Daniel’s original post. I can see how his recordings might pour gasoline on the fire of someone with pre-existing mental issues, and maybe that’s what happened to the person going by novymir, hence the anger and resentment. I had a completely different experience so it’s hard for me to relate to that one.

    Anyways I appreciate your inquisitive mind, we are very similar in that respect. Question everything, and don’t ever apologize for doing so!

  8. By the way an urge that just struck me… I’d find it very interesting, and maybe valuable, if we were all to have a skype call about this some time. We obviously all have a lot of thoughts and experiences on the manner, which can be pretty lengthy and difficult to parlay in text. Let me know if you guys are at all interested.

  9. Thank you Johnathan, for being you!
    I was led to your videos, in mid, to late 2011, and your messages were an integral asset to my awakening! There are certain areas of the human experience that I still struggle with, (anger/frustration) but I’m able to recognize it now, at the slightest feeling, and am able to almost immediately raise my vibration back to that of love!
    I’d truly enjoy to be able to hear your voice again with something new, but again I know in my heart, that you have already given us all we need!
    Again, thank you for caring enough to put yourself out there, to help bring us back to self, and to creation!
    Much love Brother!

  10. Lol. So you won’t be insulted, given your Youtube discussion mentioning Jay Dyer, if I suggest his mild denunciation of you, followed by an exceptionally clear enunciation of your curious nom de guerre ‘Calcified Lies,’ constitutes a possible endorsement.

    Or, I suppose he could be trying to hurt you by reverse endorsement, seeming to help, as when someone’s head is in a rabbit hole their ass is exposed like that of an ostrich, but I doubt he’s so clever, though he is so malevolent, P.O.S.

    I hope you are not.

    Most of us searching for Truth, having overcome the level of James Corbett or Jay Dyer, can no longer be easily passed from one CIA faux truther to another. From what I see you’ll have to up your game but since I am not a mind reader and can’t be certain, and because I sincerely enjoyed the 6 or 7 hours of the videos I’ve listened to so far, despite finding them on Youboob, I leave the door open to the possibility you are misguided by some terrible ideas (like apotheosis) but still genuinely seeking the aforementioned capital-T Truth.

    I should add, you get many, many things right, in my estimation.

    Btw you are more effective when speaking, less so when writing, IMO. What I heard was a sincere person grappling with our present unreality. What I read on this site was — well, truth mixed with transparent b.s. Be careful who you refer to and how you relay their psyopery, Stitchen’s a joke, even if there is a kernel of truth in something they say. In time you will see through all of it. The Truth is not out there but somewhere inside.

    Also, very seriously, Adampants is an egomaniacal soul demon so run like hell from his charlatanism and guruship.

    Funny thing, when I Googled Calcified Lies and looked under images I saw an apparently revelatory series of pics including one of that guy from that British spy show of the late 60’s (forgetting the name) who is always trying to escape an island but keeps getting foiled by a giant plastic beach ball. Number 2. Haha. Brother that’s you!

    • Well you have to keep in mind that the majority of this blog was written in 2014/2015, so obviously it doesn’t necessarily reflect what I think now, though I stand by everything on here in the sense that it was my best understanding at the time it was written.

      The reason that image from The Prisoner pops up on google in relation to CalcifiedLies is because I used it as my avatar when I posted on Fakeologist in 2014. It’s a brilliant allegory so the irony in relation to myself is not lost on me, but alas it shows up in the search feed as a result of my own doing. Also I’m not sure where I’ve ever mentioned or endorsed apotheosis in the sense that you are presumably referring to it (man becoming god).

      Obviously I don’t agree with your assessment of adampants, but out of curiosity if you are so inclined it would be useful to hear in detail why you have come to the conclusion that he was an “egomaniacal soul demon”. I’ve actually never heard anyone have such a negative interpretation of his intent so please elaborate.

      • Adampants tells an anecdote where he mentions leaving a styrofoam cup on a path in the woods, and justifies it by explaining he was seeking to help another person feel better about themselves, knowing they would see the disturbance of nature and correct it. Later a Rosicruchian woman does just this after which they meet and talk in an apparently syncronistic event.

        You buying? I heard this about an hour into one of his talks and frankly it made me laugh, and pissed me off. Before I had been on the fence despite Adampants’ arrogant, dare I say Jim Jones-esque, intonations. I thought to myself this is the same consciousness that conducts mass experimentation on so-called ‘sheeple’ and excuses itself by claiming it is working in the name of science, progress, evolution, or maybe picking up chicks. No Adampants, Captain Ubermenchen, I am not a rat in your maze and I don’t appreciate being talked down to or fk’d with even for my own ‘benefit,’ or else so you can get your jollies. Take the plastic cup to the garbage yourself asshole.

        However, he did have some thought provoking ideas. He refered to himself as an old soul and just as I was writing this I thought to myself could it be that old souls embody nihilism — and attract lonely Rosicruchians, because what they ultimately seek is an end to their existence, and perhaps some really great non-commital sex in the forest? Lol. Sorry. As above so below and maybe in the spiritual realm as well? Then one last reincarnation to finish the cycle? Reminds one of ‘Q’ and the Continuum. I hadn’t considered it before but strangely I find myself attracted to the idea of soul death. Also, I might try using his strategy to pick up girls;) My general rule of thumb concerning Youtube and/or Judean street preachers is to assume they are up to no good but I usually take time making decisions since inspite of myself and like Socrates I truthfully know nothing.

        Re reading your Written Language, Ancient History essay I admit to being hasty in judging you a prospective God-Man. It was a cumulative impression after 10 hours of listening and reading but I’ll walk that back since you only demonstrate an understanding of this orientation without endorsing (or denying) it. You are explaining, I understand, but the medium is a message so it affected my impression, along with the reverse endorsement I still perceive you having received from CIA thought control flunkie Jay Dyer. Here is the paragraph which temporarily solidified my (mis)impression:

        Hopefully it is evident that this Ea(Enki)/Lucifer idea is at the heart of satanist and hermetic/theosophic/new age philosophy, i.e. that we are simply ignorant of our true heritage and the ancient knowledge necessary to become gods on Earth, knowledge that was revealed by “The Lord of the Earth” so as to help us topple the demiurgic control system and ascend into an utopian era of enlightenment.

        No endorsement there, I accept, but what is your attitude towards those who see themselves as gods in the making? Have you given up on Platonic Forms or archetypes altogether? I had this thought several times over the course of my day spent with you, but my lense is sometimes foggy. I am troubled to the extent I see the abandonment of a belief in something bigger than oneself as the wellspring of our present decent and it is the attitude of every Mason, spook or journo-propagandist I’ve ever encountered. I could be reading too much into it but my impression is I am being led astray, towards a loss of faith, by a consciousness that seeks equilibrium in the midst of inversion and disbelief.

        Concerning Stitchen, could anyone ever have been so obviously massaging his message to serve the Whore of Babylon (Oligarchy) and it’s fantastic psyco-history justifying century upon century of wanton destruction? I’m no Marxist but now forbidden class analysis is many times more valuable when attempting to appreciate the degenerate behaviour of self-described Venetians than are Alien or Atlantean plotlines. I accept the idea of a civilizational history perhaps hundreds of thousands of years old including a technological past and maybe something akin to a Yuga cycle but surely there is nothing Occam’s Razor won’t tell you about cutting through the bullshit of an elaborate con for which there is no convincing evidence and way too much History Channel. Atlantis is an outlier compared to stories like the Epic of Gilgamesh. Something is amiss and as far as I can tell Stichen’s story was syncretized post Babylon, post Life of Brian, though I am certainly no expert. If we are indeed at the end of a Yuga cycle we have been brought here prematurely by the same consciousness which animates Kurgan sized mounds of mammoth dung to convince us what is occuring is both natural and inevitable. That’s wrong in my estimation and perhaps if we stopped being so respectful of the lizards and their wunderkind historiographers we could enter a better cycle without having to see and experience so much suffering. See what has happened to beautiful Syria and her beloved daughter Palmyra as only one example of the utter deprivation we now barely notice, while Adampants blathers on. We don’t need to kill off half or 90% of humanity to achieve a better world. There is no justification for collaboration.

        Like I said in my initial comment, I enjoyed your talks and will listen again. Hopefully my response is mildly edifying, and excuse me for being a little off center. I love this stuff as much as you.

        • Thanks for the elaboration Alex.

          I’m not quite sure what to say about your impression that Jay Dyer gave me a “reverse endorsement”, other than to acknowledge that I take the same approach that you do with respect to youtube, so I’m not going to be offended if someone applies it to me. As I mentioned in the comment section of that video, pay attention to the way Chris Kendall negatively clears his throat and grunts after Jay Dyer mentions my name. It’s coordinated NLP. I’m fairly certain that Jay Dyer is a clandestine agent (KGB/CIA), in which case it’s hard to imagine his handlers being stupid enough to poke this bear. Perhaps they didn’t anticipate that I would do an entire video on Dyer in response to his relatively benign comment, at which point they were forced to address it and do some damage control. Then again I’m sure they have a psychological profile on me so I have to allow for the possibility that I was manipulated. The adage is that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so maybe Chris Kendall’s short video about me (since taken down) somehow tricked me into unintentionally promoting the Jay Dyer thought form as his book was rolled out. I don’t know, your guess is as good as mine, however I don’t see how anything I’ve put out about them is good for the long term survival of the hoaxbusters brand.

          Your adampants anecdote is pretty funny, I can see how someone would view the styrofoam cup story like you did. I’m guessing that you didn’t get this far but Jonathan actually discusses the old soul issue at one point, explaining his intuition that the old souls have had their will slowly broken over time and thus are no source of spiritual wisdom, which ironically enough is on the same wavelength you were on above. Adampants implies that he is a “new” spirit (think white blood cell in the immune system) that incarnated here to observe the problem and help begin the healing process, sort of like a cosmic physician would. Given what you’ve written so far you’re mileage will understandably vary as far as that assertion goes, LOL.

          Sitchen was classmates with George Soros at the London School of Economics. Enough said on that point.

          I don’t know a lot but one thing I know for certain is that I’m not God. My attitude towards those who see themselves as God in the making is that they are hopelessly misguided.

  11. Hi Cal. I too have finally discovered Jonathan (probably after you’ve mentioned him several times lol). Lots to discuss.

    Hope you’re back soon. Take care.


  12. I feel like a lot of people here are missing the point. All the people here being skeptical of Jonathan and inquiring about the identity of someone with a contrary opinion are especially missing it. All of his metaphors and rhetoric come from his experiences that are a part of his path. If you’re standing in the forest trying to communicate with wildlife and expecting a result, then again you are missing the point. That may happen to you, but it won’t be because you tried to force it as a means of validating Jonathan. If you keep your heart open and follow your truths then your path will, well I don’t want to say open up because it’s always open. Look at it like being on a trail in the woods in autumn and it is difficult to see the trail itself. There are so many dead leaves covering the path that it’s easy to get lost. You’re still in the forest and you know that much, so in that regard you can never be truly lost from your path. But when your mind is open and your path is clear the walk through that forest is so much more straightforward. The truths we tell ourselves and ignore are difficult to overcome and are often things like addiction or selfish behavior. So it’s easy to want to discredit someone like Jonathan, and it was just as easy to discredit any enlightened person before him. When you come into your own understanding the guidance comes after. Teachers show up everywhere. Even if what gets put in front of you wasn’t put there by what made you, still extract a lesson because it hates that. It reminds it of how little the power it has is. And one last thing about Jonathan…When I was young, say 18 or 19 I would see adults with a home and a car and stuff and freedom, and I would really envy that. Then I would see them make errors in choice, however you want to describe it. They made decisions or said things that I thought were irrational or foolish. Fast forward 10 years and I have all the things they had that I envied and more, and I still don’t have my “shit together”. What I’m saying is that it is easy to think highly of someone or to see them as having made it when they’re just simply a lot further along the line than you are. Jonathan was on his way but he was “on it”. I think it was easy to see that he had little faith in the people he meant to help, and therefore couldn’t be as attached to that love as he thought he was. But I still learned lessons from those adults at 18 or 19.

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