The Year in Staged News, Image Review, 2014 Edition

Within the context of the “events” explored below, it is not my intention to imply that they collectively produced nothing tangible within what one might consider to be the real world of every day life (referring to every day life in this society as real and using it as a benchmark is especially dubious, but I digress). Indeed, this is the whole point of emotional alchemy, to assimilate black magick programming within belief systems, metaphorically turning the concepts from thought-form lead to physical-action gold.

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Pocket Supercomputers, a Stargate to Your Very Own Digital Synapse

Updates: 1/10/15; 2/27/15

Mobile is Eating the World

The following information is from “Mobile is Eating the World”, compiled by Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm with $4.2 billion under management.

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