Pocket Supercomputers, a Stargate to Your Very Own Digital Synapse

Updates: 1/10/15; 2/27/15

Mobile is Eating the World

The following information is from “Mobile is Eating the World”, compiled by Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm with $4.2 billion under management.

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The Skeleton Key, 9/11, the Millenium Monolith…..

…..and the steaming, fly-infested pile of psyop horseshit that is the alternative media!

Speculative Premise: The Skeleton Key (2005) is a metaphor for the completion of the alchemists’ great work via calculated initiation of the masses through a deceptive symbiosis of revelation of the method and the videodromatic creation of a new synapse in the brain.

2/23/15: Did some long over-due proofreading and added new information/theories on 9/11

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